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CMO & Marketing Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive is a nationally recognized CMO, CPO, Marketing and Product Officer Executive Search Firm.

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Scion is an experienced marketing executive search firm providing candidates for marketing leadership roles. Our executive recruitment team has the resources, expertise, and candidate network in place to connect you with the best of the best marketing talent to build a forward-thinking and productive team.

As business continues to evolve, marketing does alongside it. Marketing is a rapidly progressing function that is intricately and imperatively connected to the success of your enterprise and business outcomes. At Scion, our understanding of marketing leadership search and elite team of recruiters have a network of top talent for every role from Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Product Officer (CPO) to VPs of marketing, demand generation, product marketing, digital marketing, SEO/SEM expert professionals, and more. Moreover, our team has successfully executed hundreds of comprehensive Marketing Leadership Searches, nationally and internationally since our foundation and continue to provide exceptional leadership matches.

Our Firm & Search Services

Scion’s executive search and succession planning services use our resources to identify qualified marketing leaders to move forward the marketing direction and success of your business. We understand that each of our employer clients’ needs are specific and targeted; with that, we come alongside your team to provide the right talent for your business to continue to perform at the highest level.

We are experts at matching the backgrounds, talents, motivations, and work approach of our leadership candidates to your unique strategic vision and culture. Scion Executive Search has led hundreds of prominent, comprehensive c-level, VP, and leadership searches both nationally and internationally over the past years. Our executive recruitment team has together built an unmatched national network of executive leaders of 14,000,000 and counting! Having the right talent is essential and our executive recruiters are leading experts, experienced at creating diverse executive candidate groups with proven industry knowledge to make impact.

Our Recognition and Accolades

As an award-winning executive search firm, we stand ready to leverage our vast executive candidate network, social and online recruitment candidate pipelines, as well as our enthusiastic networking capabilities. The Business Times has recognized Scion Executive Search as a Fastest Growing Private Company and we have recently awarded to the list of Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the World and US by Forbes and has been recognized as an Inc. Top 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America.

Scion Executive Search

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Not All Marketing Executive Search Firms Are Equal

The executive recruitment team at Scion spends countless hours networking, vetting, and building a national pool of leadership candidates to ensure your precious time is saved from the that task. We have candidates with experience in Marketing that are eager to work in all types of business, from early-stage companies to global, Fortune 500 brands. Our extensive network and candidate pool gives us access to today’s best-equipped leaders to greet your challenges head on and produce forward-thinking marketing solutions.

It’s no secret that what made a good marketing executive two years ago doesn’t necessarily guarantee a comparably adept marketing leader today. As we experience countless exciting new channels in media, technologies, as well as marketing strategies emerging, we understand that innovating ways to leverage these opportunities are falling behind. Our team will present marketing leadership that are ahead of today’s marketing trends.

Executive Search for Chief Product Officers and Product Marketing Roles

Among marketing roles, the Chief Product Officer is a crucial leader to a business organization. The main responsibility of a CPO is to supervise and direct the entire product department and focus on the strategic approach to building a product. CPOs are tremendously valuable to a team as they are tasked with handling the strategic complexities that arrive within the existence of multiple product lines and/or portfolios for various consumer markets. Our clients look for strong leadership characteristics and vision in candidates for this role. A tenured Chief Product Officer can make sure that your product serves the vision and objectives of the company and can adjust the product strategy based on the ever-changing market trends and dynamics.

We proudly lead executive search engagements for the following marketing roles:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Product Officer
  • VP of Marketing
  • Executive Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing & Product Leadership