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We proudly stand as experts in the art of talent acquisition, specializing in searches for exceptional leadership executives for positions located within the United States and North America. Our nationwide teams of recruitment experts are dedicated to serving organizations in search of outstanding local, national, and global leadership. We cater to a diverse clientele, including prestigious Inc. 500 corporations, renowned international brands, ambitious startups, technology companies, and organizations. Our commitment is to present your team with exceptional industry-leading candidate slates who bring the capacity to serve as catalysts for driving organizational growth and achieving your long-term strategic goals. With a team of seasoned recruitment experts specializing in all major US markets, our search consultants bring a wealth of experience, unwavering passion, and an expansive network to empower your organization with the transformative leadership talent essential for propelling your success to new heights.

Every leadership transition provides an opportunity for organizational advancement.

No matter your visionary strategic growth goals or internal challenges, our team at Scion Retained Executive Search Services thrives in curating strategic leadership acquisitions that fuel the development of companies and world class teams.

Scion takes its name from the scion, a part of a plant that when cut off, separated, strategically replanted and cared for, grows into an entirely new thriving plant. We proudly symbolize the continual opportunity to drive successful outcomes through strategic growth. As an established, award-winning firm within the executive search industry and proven talent expert within the U.S. market, Scion proudly connects leading teams and executive boards with curated slates of exceptional executive leadership options. Every candidate slate we deliver is strategically developed to offer proven industry leadership experience and maximize diversity to ensure the achievement of your strategic DEI, industry, and growth goals.

How do we do it? Through strategic headhunting on your behalf- leveraging our extensive and proven industry recruiting expertise as well as our 14,000,000+ talent connections. We revel in the opportunity to expand our clients’ leadership teams by recruiting, delivering, and inspiring the best executive talent in the market to join you. The future is bright for those that choose to ha

We Are Leaders in Our Industry

Scion is an award-winning executive search firm consistently recognized by the Forbes List of Best Executive Search Firms in the US, Inc. 5000, The Business Times, The Business Journal, and ClearlyRated for our exceptional talent service. Since 2006, we have been continually recognized for our expansive executive leadership network, proven networking abilities, passion for our industry, and exceptional service to both client and candidate alike.

Scion Executive Search Services provides comprehensive executive search services for high-performing leadership to goal-oriented teams and organizations. As a national search firm that specializes in customized talent searches for the United States, we are highly skilled in identifying, interviewing, and delivering stellar candidate slates which are comprised of proven industry experience as well as diversity. Partner with us and see how we empower and grow companies to greatness. Start your journey to find your next executive team leader today.

A recognized leader in the Executive Search Firm industry

Since 2006, our award-winning executive recruiting experts empower and curate business outcomes one incredible executive leadership placement at a time. Your success is core to our business. Ready to level up your search strategy? Our team offers a proven search process to ensure that you are armed with the best leadership candidates for your goals.

By Industry

Scion provides relationships with executives across industries from Inc. 500 to emerging businesses, startups, and international corporations. Our talent experts offer unmatched insights into a vast array of industries to provide our employer clients with proven talent options offering industry specific experience.

Our executive search services encompass optimizing organizational strategy, talent acquisition, headhunting, networking, maximizing candidate slate diversity, executive candidate management, scheduling, project management, reporting, experience verification, employment offer facilitation, and executive search leadership. We strategically oversee and deliver comprehensive best in class executive search services that ensure dependable hiring results.

Our areas of industry specialization include:

Effective Recruitment Partners

We deliver effective leadership talent that is ready to strengthen your organization and deliver success. We understand the essential nature of identifying incredible leaders who are well-aligned with your organization’s mission, vision, culture, to effectively drive your organizational strategy and empower your growth. Our exceptional nationwide team of executive recruiters are highly skilled at partnering with growing clients who produce $10 million to multi-billion-dollar in annual revenue, as well as Fortune 500 companies and startup organizations. We actively recruit for private, public, and pre-IPO employers and we proudly deliver exclusive talent to teams for industry leading companies and scaling enterprises. Time is of the essence. Start your leadership journey now.

The Executive Search Industry and Our Impact

The executive search industry generates more than $15.6 billion dollars in total revenue worldwide. As the ever-expanding demand for new skills and technology continue to evolve, the global skills gap continues to create added pressure for companies while also driving competition to retain experienced and proven executives. While many market factors are at play, the executive search industry increased 50% between the years of 2012 and 2018, and continues to thrive today.

We reflect and embody the change we want to see in the executive search industry

Energized by the power of the unprecedented market growth, the need for successful brands and fortune 500 companies to leverage specialized executive search experts, who focus on headhunting, outreach, and DEI, has never been more important. Size no longer dictates impact. Modern employers are seeking more from our industry than the large global executive search firms leveraging a one size fits all approach to search leadership and process can provide. In addition to a relationship driven approach, Scion Executive Search provides proven experience and an exceptional track record, a firm commitment to transparent and high-touch communication, reliability, as well as modern processes that strategically drive hiring success.

We reflect and embody the change we want to see in the executive search industry. Our firm’s internal and external commitment to DEI focus, socially conscious business practices, as well as our modern approach to proactive, and agile client-centered recruiting reflect the industry as it should be built. Scion Executive Search’s extensive global networking resources and our passion for your business is what sets us apart. Allow us to show you why thousands of growing national and international employers choose Scion.