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With headquarters in San Francisco and staff across the US, Scion Executive Search is a leader among startup executive search firms. Our team leverages our conscientiously built pipeline of leadership talent to drive startup companies’ needs.

About The Industry & Market Growth

Leading an innovative startup team used to be one of the most appealing prospects for many pioneering executives. Since the start of the pandemic, however, business leaders report being more likely to be attracted to established companies over startups. Many are seeking more of a sense of stability and no longer feel invigorated playing on a team hoping to create a unicorn. So how does today’s startup find the leadership to propel the company into the stratosphere? They hire a startup executive search firm.

Ensuring that agile, responsive leaders willing to pivot at a moment’s notice while strategically playing a long game are at a startup’s helm is, of course, key. But securing leadership with an eye on cultivating workplace culture and relationships—both internally and externally—is paramount. As confusion in the private market due to erratic behavior from some startup leaders abounds, there are currently more sellers than buyers of startup shares. And despite the fact that there may be enough capital in the world for every good idea, turning that good idea into an actual unicorn requires at least as much investment in leadership as in the idea itself.

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Through calculated conversations with you and your team, we determine your business’s pain points and opportunities for growth. We combine our learnings from these conversations with our startup sector expertise to galvanize the identification and delivery of the very best leaders to meet your business’s present needs and propel its future success. We build customized executive recruiting solutions specific to the intrepid world of startups. Let our startup executive search firm understand the intricacies of your unique business, pinpoint your company’s particular market opportunities, and begin fulfilling your immediate and long-term talent needs today.

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We work with groundbreaking leaders in the startup industry, including but not limited to small business, buyable, scalable, offshoot, and social startups with VC funding, angel investors, series funding, and crowdfunding. Our reach spans both local and national markets, leveraging our startup partners’ expertise. Our startup executive search firm optimizes your search for incomparable industry leaders through our customized recruiting solutions.

We delve deeply into our ever-evolving network of talent and connect with our carefully selected partners to unremittingly strengthen our startup talent pipeline. Our candidate pool is intentionally diverse, our strategies for finding leaders deliberately equitable, and our outreach methodology purposefully inclusive. Each action we take is by design to provide you with the very best leadership available to meet the unique needs of your startup business.