Seattle Executive Search Firm

Seattle Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search provides leadership placements for top corporations, startups, and businesses in Seattle and the surrounding area!

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Located on the Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington has become one of the largest metro areas in the country and a key port for international trade. Home to major corporations like Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, and Kirkland Brand, Seattle is a popular choice for home bases of larger corporations. The Emerald City has plenty of attractions and natural beauty for visitors to enjoy. There are several professional sports teams that keep entertainment at a year-round high, as well as world-class museums and attractions. Take a walk down to Pike’s Place to get some fresh fish or a cup of coffee or visit the beautifully diverse neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Scion is proud to be a Seattle executive search firm as well as a part of one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse cities in the country.

Seattle Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search

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Scion’s Seattle Executive Search Firm treats Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity as one of its core values and we practice it at every level of our process, both internally and externally when looking at companies and organizations to partner with. While many companies believe DEI is important to them, the majority don’t truly invest enough into it or take it seriously when looking for qualified leadership candidates.

We have an experienced team of executive principals and recruiters, who share a passion of providing diverse, inclusive, and equitable talent acquisition for our clients, as well as thoroughly vet the organizations we choose to partner with to make sure they share the same core values and will be a good match for the candidate. Scion Executive Search takes DEI seriously, especially in executive recruiting and we want to make sure that our client is as passionate about bringing more diversity, equity, and inclusivity to their leadership roles.

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Top Industries in Seattle WA

The Seattle area has boomed since the arrival of large corporations like Amazon, which have added several jobs to an area that already housed Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and Kirkland Brand. The metro area of Seattle is home to a workforce of over two million employed people, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The area’s workforce is expected to keep growing at a steady rate, with an annual growth rate just north of five percent. Within the city of Seattle itself, the workforce saw an annual increase of over four percent, showing that the city is still on the incline.

Seattle is an excellent landing spot for those looking to go into a management or leadership role, as it is the most common job held by residents of the city with over 62,000 management occupations being held. The top industry in Seattle is the Technology sector, but that shouldn’t come as any surprise with tech giants Amazon and Microsoft calling the city home. Here are some of the top industries driving Seattle’s workforce:

  • Scientific & Technical Services
  • Health Care
  • Retail Trade
  • Educational Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Services

Scion Executive Search – Professional Seattle Executive Search Firm

Seattle is a haven for leadership and management roles, and we know that your organization has many choices when it comes to who you partner with for your executive search and retained search service. Scion Executive Search has built a reputation as one of the Best Executive Search Firms in the World, as named by Forbes. We excel in innovating strategies to pair quality executive candidates with our valued clients in the Seattle metro area. We provide these services for a wide variety of organizations in multiple industries. When you’re looking for new leaders and need quality talents from our national network of qualified candidates, Seattle’s Scion Executive Search Firm has industry-expert recruits familiar with the executive search experience! We look forward to finding you top-tier talent for your executive teams!