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Scion Executive Search provides leadership placements for top corporations, startups, and businesses hiring for remote leadership roles and executive positions!

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After going through a global pandemic, the American workplace looks drastically different, especially at the executive level for some organizations. The implementation of remote work has caused companies to reassess their workplace requirements when it pertains to attendance. According to one study, the number of companies that expect employees to work at least part of the week from home increased from 5.5% to 16.6% for the post-pandemic era. On top of that the expected growth rate of full-time remote work over the next half decade has increased from 30% to 65%, according to another study. By 2025, experts believe that nearly 36.2 million American employees will be working remotely. Does this all but end the classic belief of “climbing the ladder” to an executive or leadership role?

People will often pair productivity and work ethic with promotions. How can one be productive when working fully remote? 40% of remote employees believe that they’ve been more productive while working at home as opposed to the office. When it comes to corporations and organizations looking to find candidates for leadership roles, looking to find remote candidates can actually have plenty of benefits. Scion Executive Search is a professional remote executive search firm can help your organization find qualified remote candidates to add to your executive team!

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Current DEI Leadership Recruitment Trends

At Scion Executive Search we view Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity as one of our core values and we practice it at every level of our process, both internally and externally when looking at clients to partner with, as well as looking for talent to match with them. While many companies believe DEI is important to them, the majority don’t truly invest enough into it to make a true impact or take it seriously when looking for qualified leadership candidates.

When an organization is looking at remote executive talent, it gives them a better opportunity to widen their search pool and find more diverse candidates that they may have not found before. Adding more diverse leadership talent through a remote executive search firm can help build a better team for their respective department, but it can also build a healthier and more inclusive and equitable workplace environment for the whole company. These DEI values trickle from the top down and become more crucial when there is a wider range of diverse senior executives.

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Top Industries for Remote Workers

There are a wide range of industries in the country that are focused on remote talent acquisition. With more industries electing to at least offer remote work, the talent market for industry-specific remote workers and key executives has become more robust. The technology sector is the largest employer of remote employees and is looking at an annual growth rate of 12% over the next half decade. Here is a list of the top industries for remote work:

  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Management

Scion Executive Search – Nationwide Professional Executive Search Firm for Remote Executive Roles

When your organization is looking to add to your executive team, it can be a struggle to find a remote executive search firm who not only matches you with a qualified candidate but matches them based on your specific needs and your values. Scion Executive Search has a team of industry-expert executive recruiters who have a nationwide pool of remote executive candidates who have been thoroughly vetted through our executive recruitment process. Our award-winning team has led many successful searches for key positions and have matched ideal candidates for remote positions of leadership. Contact our team today and find out why Scion Executive Search is your national executive search partner!