Los Angeles Executive Search Firm

Los Angeles Executive Search Firm

Leading Los Angeles businesses turn to Scion Executive Search to lead their successful executive searches.

Experienced Los Angeles Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search has established itself as a leading Los Angeles executive search firm. Our proprietary recruiting solutions are customized to meet the needs of businesses seeking executives to propel them to the next level and beyond. An award-winning Los Angeles executive search, Scion Executive Search identifies and secures leadership talent for businesses across all market sectors. Serving local, national, and global creators and industry leaders with executive placements in The City of Angels is our pleasure and privilege.

The city of Los Angeles has morphed from essentially a small town at the turn of the 20th century to the second most populous city in the United States, with nearly four million residents. Entire industries designed to support the world of entertainment have developed over the past 100 years and continue to thrive in Los Angeles today. Due both to its geographic location between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, and the opportunities it offers to employees at all levels of employment, Los Angeles is rich in ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity. The home of world-class universities such as UCLA and USC, Los Angeles attracts brilliant talent from throughout the globe to its mild climate and industrious locale.

Los Angeles Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search

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DEI Recruitment Trends in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known both for its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and for its lack thereof. The ever-widening gap between those earning low incomes and those earning exceedingly high incomes has persisted in growing in Los Angeles as in many other parts of the United States. Simultaneously, some of the greatest strides in the realm of DEI are being made in Los Angeles. At Scion Executive Search, we recognize that successfully meeting DEI opportunities with energy and openness is key to thriving in today’s economy, and we are fully prepared to support our candidates and clients alike in strengthening DEI practices.

True implementation of DEI practices can be seen throughout operations and programming, in hiring and recruiting approaches, and in company-wide processes and procedures. Rather than seeking perfection, perpetual improvement and growth in DEI knowledge and skills is the goal for all businesses. We at Scion Executive Search are ourselves perpetually improving and growing our DEI knowledge base and skill set, and we are prepared and available to support our clients in this area, as well. We are powerfully committed to providing DEI-driven exceptional service and making lasting, impactful executive placements. We aim to be the best executive search firm in Los Angeles, providing the extraordinary leadership necessary to spur our clients’ business growth.

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Top Industries in Los Angeles, CA

Creative thinkers and ingenious business leaders set up shop in Los Angeles. The rapid growth the city has experienced not only in terms of population but also in terms of the role it plays on the global stage has increased with each passing decade and there is no sign that this will change. Some come for the climate, others come for the entertainment industry, and still others come to make a name for themselves in manufacturing. The local economy is enormous, perpetually in a state of flux, and remarkably diverse. Los Angeles offers boundless opportunity to its inhabitants.

Los Angeles’s job market today is driven by these industries:

  • Entertainment  
  • Manufacturing 
  • Agriculture
  • Fashion 
  • Finance 
  • Construction 
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate 

Scion Executive Search – Executive Search Firm in Los Angeles, CA

Top among executive search firms in Los Angeles, California, Scion Executive Search customizes searches for exceptional executive and management candidates to meet our diverse clients’ leadership needs. We strategically build our candidate pipeline, thoughtfully expand our network, and collaboratively partner with outstanding organizations to deliver the very best available business leaders to our clients. Our dedication to our craft and to serving our clients and candidates has resulted in a 98% retention rate, as well as recognition by The Business Times for being a leading staffing firm and by Forbes for being one of the Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the World. We utilize our socially conscious approach to rigorously vet candidates on your behalf, identify and secure the leaders most likely to drive the growth your company seeks, and—through matching you with the ideal talent for your unique business—support your company’s stratospheric success.