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Austin Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search provides leadership placements for top corporations, startups, and businesses in Austin and the surrounding area!

Scion Executive Search – Austin Executive Search Firm

Settled within three counties and the Fox River in Wisconsin, the city of Appleton is part of the Fox Cities metropolitan area. The metro area also includes the cities of Oshkosh and Neenah. This area is the third-largest metro area in Wisconsin behind Milwaukee and Madison with an estimated population of over 400,000 residents. Despite being one of the smaller metropolitan areas in the state of Wisconsin, Appleton is the hub of growth in the state, having one of the more innovative technology education centers in the region.

When you visit Appleton, you will find a rich Midwestern culture that is deeply rooted in continuing education. The city is home to the historic Lawrence University that has been growing in the community since 1847. The residents of the town are extremely proud of their history and their growing culture and community. This is exactly why Scion’s Appleton Executive Search Firm is proud to be the top executive search firm in Appleton and be one of the companies that truly makes an impact by matching organizations within this community with quality executive candidates and talent.

Austin Executive Search Firm

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At Scion Executive Search, we treat Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity as one of our core values and we practice it at every level of our process, both internally and externally when looking at companies and organizations to partner with. While many companies believe DEI is important to them, the majority don’t truly invest enough into it to make a serious impact or take it seriously when looking for qualified leadership candidates.

Austin is home to a large diverse community of people with different ethnic backgrounds, as well as a large community of LGBTQ+ people. Scion Executive Search is an executive search firm in Austin that has executive recruiters who share our passion for finding diverse individuals for leadership roles and making sure that our partners are equitable and inclusive in their search process for executive talent.

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Top Industries in Austin

Not only is Austin an incredibly diverse city in terms of their population and people, but it is also an incredibly diverse economy. Austin’s economy has seen rapid growth over the years and has seen an increase of their workforce at an annual rate of just over eight percent. It is considered to be a major high-tech center which has attracted numerous technology companies to the area, and this can also be attributed to the University of Texas graduating many students in high-tech fields.

Austin is well-known as a center for tech and business, having been a leader in the tech sector since the 1960’s. A number of companies have made Austin home for their corporate headquarters, including a number of Fortune 500 companies including 3M, Texas Instruments, IBM, Tesla, Oracle, and Whole Foods Market.

Austin is also home to many new innovators, receiving more than 4,700 new patents in 2019 alone. Austin has become a leader in developing eco-friendly and environmentally conscious technologies including solar and wind power, which has paved the way for a number of these companies. It also is home to a thriving pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Here is a list of the top industries in Austin:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Eco-Friendly Technology
  • Corporate and Regional Headquarters
  • Creative & Digital Media
  • Data Management
  • Financial Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Space Technology

Scion Executive Search – Professional Executive Search Firm in Austin

When your company in Central Texas is looking to find qualified candidates for executive and leadership roles, there is a strong market that is growing rapidly. There are a great number of staffing agencies and executive search firms in Austin that offer executive search services, but the reality is that a number of executive recruiters are looking to simply make a placement and not a true match for the role and the organization. Scion Executive Search takes pride in being the top executive search firm in Austin for major organizations and has played a part in numerous successful executive search assignments for a wide range of industries in Austin. Contact one of our industry-expert executive recruiters today to start your search!