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Appleton Executive Search Firm

Scion Executive Search provides leadership placements for top corporations, startups, and businesses in Appleton and the Fox Cities Metro Area!

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Settled within three counties and the Fox River in Wisconsin, the city of Appleton is part of the Fox Cities metropolitan area. The metro area also includes the cities of Oshkosh and Neenah. This area is the third-largest metro area in Wisconsin behind Milwaukee and Madison with an estimated population of over 400,000 residents. Despite being one of the smaller metropolitan areas in the state of Wisconsin, Appleton is the hub of growth in the state, having one of the more innovative technology education centers in the region.

When you visit Appleton, you will find a rich Midwestern culture that is deeply rooted in continuing education. The city is home to the historic Lawrence University that has been growing in the community since 1847. The residents of the town are extremely proud of their history and their growing culture and community. This is exactly why Scion’s Appleton Executive Search Firm is proud to be the top executive search firm in Appleton and be one of the companies that truly makes an impact by matching organizations within this community with quality executive candidates and talent.

Appleton Executive Search Firm

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Scion Executive Search has an experienced team of executive recruiters who share a passion of providing diverse, equitable, and inclusive talent acquisition for our clients, as well as thoroughly vetting the organizations we choose to partner with to make sure they share the same core values and will be a good match for the candidate. Scion Executive Search does not take DEI lightly, especially in executive recruiting and our relationships in our partnerships. We want to make sure that our client is as passionate about bringing more diversity, equity, and inclusivity to their leadership roles and allowing room for diverse individuals to further their careers and find employment with quality organizations.

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Top Industries in Appleton

Appleton and the Fox Cities Metro Area rely heavily on their manufacturing industry to drive their economy. The state of Wisconsin is home to over 7,700 manufacturing firms including Kohler Company, Milwaukee Electric Tool Company, Oshkosh Corporation, and Rockwall Automation. Wisconsin is, of course, the nation’s top producer for cheese, accounting for 26% of the nation’s cheese and dairy products. Agriculture is a large factor for the state’s economy, with 8,000 dairy farms and 68,700 farms that are dedicated to crops like potatoes, corn, soybeans, chicken, and eggs. For the city of Appleton, their economy is mostly driven by their manufacturing sector, retail trade, and health care sector. The top industries in Appleton and the Fox Cities Metropolitan Area are Manufacturing, Health Care, Retail Trade, Agriculture and Education.


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When your organization is looking for exceptional talent to add to your executive leadership team in Appleton, you might face challenges when it comes to finding qualified candidates and what approach to take in your search process. Many executive search firms will offer candidate options that may not meet your requirements or expertise levels for the role simply to fill a role. At Scion Executive Search, we have built a team of industry-expert recruiters who have a nationwide pool of job candidates and have built relationships with candidates to make sure they are the perfect match for leadership roles within your company. This is what makes us the top Appleton executive search firm. Partner with an award-winning search firm to find exceptional external talent for your senior level positions! We can’t wait to partner with you and match you with qualified candidates!